Make-Up Lesson Instructions

Make up lesson can be submitted from your Member Account - Make up Lesson dashboard. You are now able to view each pool, date and time your child's swim level is available for make up lessons. You may also view and cancel your scheduled makeup lesson from your Member Dashboard.

To book a Make-Up Lesson:

  1. Log onto your Member Account
  2. Select Make-up Lesson
  3. From your Make-up Lesson Dashboard you will be able to view any upcoming scheduled make up lessons, cancel your previously scheduled make up lessons, view all the make up lessons available by District (West, East, Central) and book a make up lesson on a per child
  4. Master Make-up Lesson List is a birds eye view only. Provides you with a list view of all the swim levels available at each pool but not indicate which dates are still available for each swim level. This is the recommended view for parents with more than one child to determine which pool day and time would accommodate the multiple swim levels before booking the make up lesson individually. If you only have one child you can go straight to Book Make up Lesson (step 6).
  5. On your Master Make-up Lesson List charts you will see a column that states: Total # of Make Up Lessons Spots Available per Lesson. This shows you the number of make up lessons that can be booked that hour. If you see multiple swim levels (ie. Swim levels 3,4,5) and only 1 make up lesson spot it means that make up lesson is joining a level 4 class and only 1 level 3 OR 4 OR 5 can book a makeup lesson for each week.  
  6. Select Book Make-Up Lesson to schedule your make up lesson. Must be done on a per child basis. You can narrow down by District, Pool, Day and Time but it is best to narrow down by District only to see all available options.
    • Swim Levels in group - shows the existing swim levels in the class. If it states Currently Empty - it means you are the first person to book a make up lesson for that particular class.
    • The swim levels in group are just showing you what swim levels are already existing in that specific class. All options showing up under Book Make up lesson for your child is a make up lesson option you can book. You do not need to look just for the classes that already have your child's swim level. Once your child joins the class it becomes a split level class (ie. 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5-7, 7-10).
    • Spots Available: Shows you how many kids of the same level can book for that same pool, date and time. If you see more than 1 and you have two or three children of the same level - that means you can book in both children for that date.The options that are provided are specific to your child's swim level and lesson type (group, private, semi pvt, Swim Club/Racing Club, Bronze Star, Bronze Med/Cross
    • You only receive an email notification if the office books the make up lesson for you otherwise click on Make Up Lesson tab to view all the make up lessons you booked.
    • Please book no more than 2 make-up lessons at a time for the same pool day and times to provide the option for other families. Once you have attended your two make-up lessons you are welcome to book more.
    • You may book make up lessons before you have missed your lesson. It is best to book ahead of time. Do not wait until the final week of lessons to book your make-up lesson as options will be limited.
  7. Make-up Lesson Cancellations: You may cancel your Make-Up Lesson from your 'Member Account - Make-up Lesson' dashboard by selecting the X next to the scheduled make up lesson. There will be times that the make up lesson you book conflicts with a new registration or pool closure. If that occurs you will receive a Make-up Lesson Cancellation or pool closure email which will instruct you to log into your Member Account and book an alternative make up lesson date.
  8. Private or Semi Private Make Up Lessons, you have the option of booking a private or join an existing group lesson. If you see a Group Lesson options with 5 available slots with Swim Levels in group as currently empty you may request booking and then we will block off the other spots.


The office will receive your request and block off the remaining 4 slots to provide you a private or semiprivate lesson make up.  If you book for a time that has fewer than 5 spots left and swim levels listed under Swim Levels in Group , it means you are booking a group make up lesson and sharing the coach with the other students.

  1. If you are a Racing Club registration you can only book SC (Swim Club) make-up lessons
  2. If you are Bronze Star  registration you can book a BS (Bronze Star) or SC (Swim Club) make-up lesson (to focus on your endurance component)
  3. If you are Bronze Med/Cross registration you can book a BMC (in a different district) or SC (Swim Club) make-up lesson (to focus on your endurance component)

District Pools

Click on the links below and scroll down for the map to school and directions to the pool.

Jack of Sports offers Make-Up Lesson options on a "Best Efforts Basis". This may require the family to make up the lesson at a different pool, day and time depending on availability and class ratios. If the options provided conflict with your schedule please contact the office and to see if there are alternative make up lesson options available. 

Please note, Make-Up Lessons can only be booked if you are registered in the current swim session and should be only be booked two (2) at a time. Make-Up Lessons can be carried forward to a future swim session as a make up lesson in addition to a registration for that session. There are no financial credits for Make-Up Lessons if you are unable to attend.