Summer Theme Camps:

* = New Camp (2019)

Multisport Camp

Swim Camp

Chess Camp

  Golf Camp

  Learn to Bike Camp

  Cycling Camp

Rock Climbing Camp

Pop Music Camp

Art Camp

Sailing Camp


Summer Camp 2019 locations

West End Locations

Central Locations

East End Locations



  • Co- ed Camps where boys and girls from different nationalities learn to socialize and participate in various sport activities.
  • Ages of children range from 4yrs - 13yrs old, only full day camp available.
  • Multi Sport Camp includes a different sport per day throughout the week. ; Tennis, Soccer, Bike Riding, Basketball and Swimming.
  • Learn the basic skills of each sport while practicing in creative drills and fun sport games.
  • Sport and activities are modified to the age skill level of the group. 
  • Boys and Girls grouped together on Teams and everyone participates in a respectful manner.
  • Children are continuously stimulated by a variety of interesting activities per day.
  • Theme Camps have a specific activity each morning followed by lunch, a multi sport and swimming per day.
  • Campers will use public transportation if off site and when necessary with Coach supervision.
  • Busing is available depending on the camp and weeks of operation.
  • Theme Camp registration can be converted to Multi Sport Camp during the same week if desired.

Camp Groups (Youngest to Oldest)

# Groups Ages # Kids/Choach
1 4 - 5 yrs 5 kids
2 6 - 7 yrs 6 kids
3 8 - 9 yrs 8 kids
4 10 - 11 yrs 8 kids
5 11 - 12 yrs 8 kids
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