Summer Theme Camps:

* = New Camp (2019)





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  • Co- ed Camps where boys and girls from different nationalities learn to socialize and participate in various sport activities.
  • Ages of children range from 4yrs - 13yrs old, only full day camp available.
  • Multi Sport Camp includes a different sport per day throughout the week. ; Tennis, Soccer, Bike Riding, Basketball and Swimming.
  • Learn the basic skills of each sport while practicing in creative drills and fun sport games.
  • Sport and activities are modified to the age skill level of the group. 
  • Boys and Girls grouped together on Teams and everyone participates in a respectful manner.
  • Children are continuously stimulated by a variety of interesting activities per day.
  • Theme Camps have a specific activity each morning followed by lunch, a multi sport and swimming per day.
  • Campers will use public transportation if off site and when necessary with Coach supervision.
  • Busing is available depending on the camp and weeks of operation.
  • Theme Camp registration can be converted to Multi Sport Camp during the same week if desired.

Camp Groups (Youngest to Oldest)

# Groups Ages # Kids/Choach
1 4 - 5 yrs 5 kids
2 6 - 7 yrs 6 kids
3 8 - 9 yrs 8 kids
4 10 - 11 yrs 8 kids
5 11 - 12 yrs 8 kids
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