Cycling Camp for Children in Toronto

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Cycling Camp for Children in Toronto Program DescriptionCycle & explore local trails within your communityCampers will be riding on beginner/intermediate trails with a variety of surfacesSections of trail may include small roots/rocks & minor obstaclesCycling routes will range from 5km - 10km+Cyclist must be able to ride indepedantly and stop safelyCyclists will practice & improve skills of shifting gears, controlled brakes & trail etiquetteHalf-day program: 9am - 12pmDaily 15 - 30 min lesson on road safety, signs & bike maintenanceParents Drop-off 7 pick-up at train entranceItems to bring to camp



1) High Park: Drop-off/pick-up at entrance of North Gates

Half-Day Weekly Sessions (Mon-Fri) from Jul 02 to Aug 30

Half-day cycling camp fee structure


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