Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the program schedules and fees?

The schedule and fees can be found on our main website under Pool, Camps, Recreation. Each location page will provide you with the range of time our program runs at the pool (ie. 5 - 8pm Mondays mean lessons run 5pm, 6pm and 7pm on Mondays) as well as the fees. To find out what hours are still available for registration you need to create a Member Account and select your preferred pool under the New Registration (see New Registration below for instructions). On our pool pages we also provide a program description, swim level equivalency chart,  address, and directions to the pool.

Click on the pool below to be directed to the Program Location pages:

Swim Programs

Recreation Programs

Camp Programs

Bike Programs

Tutoring Programs

Participant Waiver

How do I register?

Registration with Jack of Sports is done online or can be done over the phone with one of our client service representatives. To register online, begin by creating a Member Account by clicking here.

What contact information should I provide?

When creating your Member Account please use the email address of the account that you check on a regular basis as your Login email. Please also provide the phone numbers which we can call to best to reach you. We notify our clients about new programs and/or updates (including registration openings) via the main email address associated with the Member Account. We also use the main email address associated and/or the cell number provided to contact you if there any last minute pool closures due to pool fouling or pool maintenance. It is important to keep your contact information up-to-date. 

New Registration

Once you've created your Member Account, add the information for your child/children under the My Kids tab of your Member Dashboard. Once completed, under the Registration tab you can register for the current or future sessions.

When logged on to your Member Dashboard please click on Registration Tab.
Click on season you are interested in registering. ie. Fall 2018 Swim Programs.

If you wish to register over the phone, please create your Member Account and add the information for your child/children prior to calling us at 416-489-4777.

What swim level should I register my child for the next session?

If your child is currently participating in a Jack of Sports swim lessons, please select the swim level your child is currently registered. Once report cards care issued our system will automatically update your child's swim level in the next session registered.

If your child's report card is already received from the last swim session registered, please register your child at the recommended swim level.

If you were with the City of Toronto Ultra Swim program please click here for the swim level equivalents.

If you have never registered for Jack of Sports please click here for the Red Cross Level 1 to 10 Swim Level descriptions and requirements.

I'm in the Registration Dashboard in my Member Account, what is Lesson Type?

Lesson types identify what type of lesson your child will be registered.

Please click here for the different swim programs and lesson types.

What days and times are available for my desired pool?

Select the pool and leave the day and time blank so you can see all your available options. You can then narrow down by day once you see that there are time slots available. If you do not see your preferred pool, day and time please contact the office. We may still have a spot available depending on the swim level.

What payment options do you offer?

Payment can be made online using either a Credit Card or Interact Debit. If you are unable to pay by either of those two methods please do call the office at 416-489-4777 to register. Your online registration will not be saved if credit card or debit card payment is not received at the time you registered.  A minimum of 50% is required to secure your registration. All remaining payment must be made prior to the first day of lessons. If you have multiple children you can register each child before checking out of My Cart.

How do I know my registration successfully went through?

Once your registration is complete you will receive a registration confirmation and you will be able to view your registration from your Member Dashboard. If you do not receive a registration confirmation and you do not see your registration on your Member Dashboard, that means your child is not registered. Please contact the office at 416-489-4777.

Can I request a specific instructor and/or request to for two friends (similar ages and levels) to be in the same class?

If you would like a specific instructor for your child or friend of the similar swim level to be in the same class, please click here to submit your request once you have registered for the session. Jack of Sports makes no guarantees but we will do our best to accommodate your request. You will be able to confirm your child's coach one day prior of the first lesson from your Member Dashboard.

Can I purchase a wetsuit or swim buoy for my child?

Wetsuits and Swim Buoys can be purchased directly from Jack of Sports. You can do so by clicking here and following the instructions on the webpage. 

What is the change room policy?

Our Change Room Policy is as follows:

Female Parents with child/children 6 years old or younger brings child/children into the Girls Change Room. Male Parents with child/children 6 years old or younger brings child/children into Boys Change Room.

Male Children 7 years old or greater change in the Boys Change Room. Female Parents either wait outside Change Room or wait on pool deck. Female Children 7 years old or greater change in the Girls Change Room. Male Parents either wait outside Change Room or wait on pool deck.

Children 7 years old or greater are not allowed to change in the room of the opposite gender unless approved by Jack of Sports. Male Parents are not allowed in the Female Change Room, and Female Parents are not allowed in the Male Change Room unless approved by Jack of Sports.


What is the deck policy?

  1. Absolutely no items made of glass including but not limited to drink bottles, goggles (including tempered glass or plastic scuba goggles), toys and electronic cigarettes is permitted on deck.
  2. Absolutely no food or drink other than water (in a plastic or metal bottle) is permitted on deck.
  3. Absolutely no outdoor shoes (this includes flip flops worn outside) can be worn on deck. 

If you break any of the above policies and it causes a pool fouling/closure you will be charged the pool fouling fee. Please see "What happens in a case of pool fouling" below.

Please do follow these pool regulations. The school caretaker, staff and students appreciate your time and consideration.

Jack of Sports does not permit photography or videography on the pool deck or in changerooms.

What type of goggles is my child permitted to wear?

Your child must wear swim goggles. The plastic regular swim goggles. Your child is not permitted to wear goggles made of glass and your child is not permitted to wear snorkeling or scuba goggles (even if they are plastic) as they can shatter and cause a major pool closure. If you bring any of these items and they cause a pool fouling/closure you will be charged the pool fouling fee. Please see "What happens in a case of pool fouling" below.

What happens in case of a pool fouling?

In case of a Pool Fouling, the pool will be closed and lessons will be cancelled until the Fouling has been contained and cleaned. Jack of Sports will then offer a selection of Make-Up Lesson Options for any classes cancelled within the first 30 minutes. There are no financial refunds due to make up lessons unless approved by Jack of Sports. Make up lessons may be carried forward to a future session once registered. 

The parents are responsible for pool foulings caused by their child. If the pool has to be closed and lessons have to be cancelled as a result of the fouling a $100.00 fee will be charged to the family. Please do not bring your child to the pool if sick and make sure they have a sufficient amount of time to digest their meal prior to swimming. All kids must go to the washroom prior to entering the pool.

When a fouling occurs it is a large expense and inconvenience in which Jack of Sports must re-schedule pool hours and instructors to compensate the lessons that had to be cancelled as a result of the fouling. Please inform your child not to drink the pool water and if they feel sick to immediately exit the pool. A majority of the pool foulings are preventable and this fee will alert parents to the problems and share in the financial burden when this occurs.

What are the best ways to prevent a pool fouling?

1. Ensure your child goes to the washroom prior to the swim lesson. If the child is the not potty trained, the child must wear a proper swim diaper.

2. No heavy meals within an hour of the swim lesson.

3. Speak to your child about keeping their mouths closed while in the water and not swallowing the water.

4. Speak to your child about letting the instructor know immediately if they are not feeling well and to get out of the water.

What if I miss a lesson?

Jack of Sports on a "Best Efforts Basis" will provide Make-Up Lessons for the family in order to complete the number of lessons that are paid for in the session. This may require the family to make up the lesson on a different day, time and pool in order to complete the guaranteed number of lessons for the session. Jack of Sports will be as flexible as possible to "Make It Work" for the family. Jack of Sports will not go above the student to instructor ratios for a make up lesson. In certain instances make up lessons can be carried to the next Swim Session if agreed upon by Jack of Sports. 

How do I book a make-up lesson?

To Book a Make-Up Lesson, click here and the instructions listed.  Directions to the parking lot and pools are posted on the Pool Location page (scroll down for map and directions). 

Where can I find information about your Co-ed Multi-sport programs?

You can find all of our Program information under the Program Menu. Please click here for the Co-ed Camp Programs. Our Multi-sport camp schedule will be posted under Camps under the specific locations offered.

What is your lost and found policy?

Most of our coaches travel by TTC, live in different regions of the city and are unavailable outside of the Swim Lesson times. Therefore, unless the item is foreseen as valuable and small (ie. wallet, keys etc.) then our policy is for the coaches to leave the items in the change room for the facility caretaker to pick them up and place them in the lost and found. If you realize you have left an item on the pool deck or change room, it is best to contact the school directly and speak to the school's caretaker or front office regarding their lost and found. If the item has not been found, please contact the office. We can contact our coaches as well as our clients that swam during that hour or soon after.

Can I change or reschedule my current registration?

If a conflict occurs and you can no longer attend your current registration, Jack of Sports will do our best to switch you to another location, day or time that better suits your needs. If this happens, please contact us by phone at 416-489-4777 or go click here to submit an email request.

What do I do if I have emailed a request and have not heard back from Jack of Sports?

Our office team does their best to respond to emails in a timely manner. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours (weekdays) or 48 hours (weekends) of sending the email then please do call the office at 416-489-4777. There is a chance we did not receive your email and will be happy to address your request and/or concern over the phone.  *we are currently experiencing extremely high volumes of calls and emails. Please allow for a minimum of 3-5 business days for your inquiry to be addressed.

How do I redeem my credits?

*Please note that credits are not able to be seen from your Member Account.

Small credit (credit is 50% less of registration total cost):

Please register for desired program and only pay 50% (by editing “Payment Amount Today”) on the checkout page to secure the registration. Then send an email to notifying us that you have a credit to redeem and we will apply your credit towards the remaining balance.

Substantial Credit (credit exceeds 50% of registration total cost):

Send an email to with the program information requested below and we will register your child for you and apply your credit towards the balance.

i) Swim registration: child name, swim level, lesson type (group, private, semi-private, racing club, silver etc.), pool, day and time.

ii) Camp registration: child name, swim level, theme camp, camp week, location, extended care if required (8-5pm additional $50, or 8-6pm additional $100) & catered lunch option (Non-vegetarian, Vegetarian, Non-veg gluten free, Veg gluten free).

iii) Bike Registration: child name, lesson type (group, private, semi-private), location & day.

Does Jack of Sports offer refunds in case of a cancellation?

Full payment of the session fee is due prior to the first day of your lesson. If there are any concerns with this please do contact the office at 416-489-4777 to discuss.

Jack of Sports will try to make it work for you. Cancellations will only be considered after all other alternative solutions have been attempted  (ie. registration changes, program adjustments, make up lessons etc.). Cancellations approved past the first lesson or past the first day of camp there will be a 50% refund on the remaining number of lessons/days of camp. For cancellation inquiries please call the office at 416-489-4777. 

For cancellations more than 7 business days prior to your registered program start date, a full credit will be provided or a full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee per registration (each week of camp per child, or swim session per child).

For cancellations (including those due to illness) less than 7 business days prior to your registered program start date, no more than 50% of the total amount paid will be refunded.

*Cancellations will be assessed on a case by case basis

*There are no refunds if a child is removed from a program due to misbehaviour.

*In the event of a TDSB/TCDSB closure, we will offer make-up lessons or credits for future use. No financial refunds will be issued.

Force Majeure Clause

The above refund policy is not applicable during a time of Force Majeure; an Act of God or circumstances beyond our control (i.e. pandemic, quarantine, natural disaster, etc.).

All cancellation requests for current and/or future programs made during the Force Majeure period will be provided with a credit of the full balance paid towards the program registration. The lifetime credit can be used towards any future Jack of Sports program registration and is transferable to any family member or friend. Thank you for your understanding.