Jack of Sports Why, Confidence, Resilience & Teamwork

Jack of Sports 3 Step Coaching Methodology has a 95% success rate for bikers 4 years and olderBalance bikes providedTransition to Pedal Bile with gliding & pedlingLearn how to properly brake bicycle and come to a complete controlled stopPractice wide & tight turns through obstacle courseTip toe & stationary startsDo not bring 2 wheel pedal bike to camp until instructed by coachParent needs to ensure seat on 2 wheel at height where balls or heels of child's feet can touch the groundHalf-day of Multisport & Co-op gamesFriday Olympic Day with opening ceremony, face painting & theme comraderyBring bike helmet, running shoes, water bottle, nut free snacks & lunch

*All campers must be toilet trained

12inch balance bike for children ages 3-4 & 16 inch balance bike for children 5 years and older

2024 Summer Camp for children ages 4 - 12 years in Etobicoke, High Park, Roncesvalles, East York, Beaches, Toronto

West End Locations

Etobicoke Queensway Summer Day Camp for children   

High Park Runnymede Summer Day Camps for children     Roncesvalles Summer Day Camp for children


East End Locations

Beaches Summer Day Camp for children    East York Summer Day Camps for children

Sample Learn to Bike Camp Day

*Activities/schedule may vary depending on weather or other factors

Learn to Bike Camp Daily Schedule Breakdown TitleLearn to Bike Camp Daily Schedule Breakdown


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Half-Day Summer Theme Camps:

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