Standard First Aid

Standard First Aid Certificate Program

Schedule: 1 Weekend 

Instructional Hours: 16hrs approx (in class)

Cost: $120+Tax

Required Material:

*CPR-Pocket Mask with gloves - $28.50+Tax

*Canadian First Aid Manual - $22+Tax

Total: $170.50+Tax

*Required to purchase if do not have

Prerequisites: None



Course Description

  • Teaches candidates all areas of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • CPR-C covers all aspects of CPR skills and theory for adult, child and infants, including two-rescuer CPR skills.
  • For participants who are looking to complete training for work requirements
  • Required for all Coach positions at Jack of Sports
  • Meets all legislation for both provincial insurance, WSIB work safety boards, university/college and work requirements.
  • Expires in 3 years
  • Includes AED training.

Why do I need SFA & CPR-C Certification?

  • One of the two prerequisites for National Lifeguard
  • SFA recertification has expired for the second time

Session Dates

Standard First Aid & CPR-C Recertification Program Toronto
Standard First Aid, St Patrick, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Bishop Marrocco, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Bishop Marrocco, Toronto

Standard First Aid, St Patrick, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Bishop Marrocco, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Bishop Marrocco, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Earl Grey, Toronto
Standard First Aid, Western Tech, TorontoStandard First Aid, Earl Grey, TorontoStandard First Aid, Western Tech, Toronto

Registration Process

Step One: Complete the registration form (below)

Step Two: Wait for registration confirmation email & invoice from Jack of Sports

Step Three: Send E-Transfer to with total amount to secure your spot in the course

Step Four: You will be notified when your invoice is updated


East York Location: Earl Grey Sr PS (Pool)

Earl Grey, East York National Lifeguard location Map

Address: Earl Grey Sr PS         

100 Strathcona Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1G8


  • 3 Streets south of Danforth & Jones Ave
  • Drive half a block east on Strathcona Ave
  • Parking lot on west-side of school
  • Enter school door across from parking lot & walk down stairs on right side 
  • Pool/change room location in the basement


East York Location: St Patrick Catholic Secondary 

St Patrick, East York Toronto location Map

Location: St Patrick Catholic Secondary 

49 Felstead Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1G3


  • Cannot access parking lot from Coxwell Ave
  • Turn onto Felstead from Greenwood
  • At the end of accessible road turn right
  • Parking lot on south-west side of school


High Park Location: Bishop Marrocco

Bishop Marrocco, High Park, Roncesvalles Standard First Aid Certificate location Toronto

Location: Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School, room 205

1515 Bloor St W
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 1A3

Driving Northbound on Dundas St. W: 

  • Parking located in the Loblaw’s parking lot. 
  • Walk northbound on Dundas St. W towards Bloor St.
  • Prior to Bloor St. walk down ramp on right-hand-side.
  • Enter School through double doors and turn left to find staircase
  • Go up one floor exit staircase and turn left. 
  • Walk down the hall (past water fountain and pool change rooms)
  • Turn right at the end of foyer and continue down hallway to find room 205 (on left)



High Park Location: Western Technical 

 High Park Bronze Star Certification location, Western Technical Toronto 

Address: Western Technical         

125 Evelyn Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 3E3  

Pool Entrance

  • Drive up hill on Evelyn Cres.
  • Pool door located across from tennis courts
  • Enter door & walk through another two doors
  • Turn left & walk to end of hallway


  • Parking located on Evelyn Cres. across from tennis courts