Confidence, Resilience, Teamwork

Jack of Sports Passion & Philosophy:

Our Programs are driven by our passion to teach and motivate children to develop into the strongest versions of themselves. Our purpose is to develop their independence by fostering confidence, resilience & teamwork.

Why We Exist:

Jack of Sports exists to bring high quality programs at affordable prices to communities throughout Toronto. Our goal is to eliminate economic barriers! Everyone participates. Subsidized options for families are available.

A Way of Thinking:

Jack of Sports is founded on the belief  that when children are given structure and clear goals, their learning outcomes are able to surpass their own expectations. When children are held accountable for their learning they become confident independent people.


New Skills & Experiences
Adaptability & Determination
Independence & Confidence
Creative & Critical Thinking
Resilience & Teamwork


Teaching Methodology:

Jack of Sports hires High School and University students from local communities. Our proprietary teaching methodology allows for a standardized program. The Coach teaching philosophy is to:

  1. Explain the skill
  2. Demonstrate the skill
  3. Children execute the skill
  4. Coach corrects and motivates the child.

Child Development:

Jack of Sports promotes the importance of children becoming independent people. Our philosophy, thought process and communication with the child encourages  “YOU CAN DO IT!” The successes and failures of a child working to achieve their goals will result in a confident and resilient person throughout their life.  

A word from our founder …. “I believe that children from all economic and social backgrounds should be able to participate in high quality, affordable programs. Their exposure to a co-ed, multicultural community is a healthy start to removing social barriers which are non-existent in children. These young people now gain confidence by participating and competing with their peers in a sportsmanlike fashion. The social skills and personal achievement gained from Jack of Sports programs provides a solid foundation as children move forward in their lives. ”