What people are saying...

2022 Summer Camp

"My son is attending Multisport at the Diefenbaker location this week. I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our experience at Jack of Sports. My son is well-supported by the coaches, and the sports and activities are lot of fun. 

As a parent, I’m also happy with this camp.  I’ve had my older kids in many camps over the years, and find this one to be very well-organized and structured.  I’ve had to pop by early a couple of times, and the kids are always engaged in some kind of great game, activity or camp song. The coaches give great feedback on how the day went, and pickup and dropoff has been really smooth and organized. I was asked for ID every time. We will absolutely be attending Jack of Sports again." - Stephanie

"I just wanted to provide some early feedback - our son is really enjoying the program - this morning he wanted to go to camp the minute he woke up! He's already riding his own bike with confidence and it's only the third day. He's very much enjoyed working with his instructor, Samuel, who's been providing me with daily updates on his progress."- Andrew

2022 Spring Learn to Bike

"I just wanted to pass along our thanks for this session. It was amazing how quickly our son learned to bike and now begs to bike every day. He's so proud and it's great to see. Also, his teacher was incredible and we feel like we really lucked out having such a wonderful instructor." - Patricia

2020 Virtual Programs

"This program was the break we all needed. It was engaging enough to hold our young one’s attention (almost 4 years old). She was really missing time with her friends and this gave her time with other kids.  Both parents were able to work while she was in the class. In fact, she was in the room by herself almost the entire time.  The program itself was well balanced for younger kids, giving breaks throughout.  Each evening she was able reenact different portions of the class.  10 out of 10, will sign her up again." - Sarah 

"Our daughter had a fantastic experience with Coach Divya this week. She had a lot of fun and had a great workout. The intimate setting of a small group (max 4-6) was ideal for her to participate in. The virtual camp (Zoom) was very easy to use as our daughter is now able to manoeuvre through. We will definitely be participating in another session." - Carolina

2019 Spring Swim Program

"I wanted to provide positive feedback about my daughter's experience. She took private lessons this spring at St. Patrick pool with Charlie...She loved her lessons with Charlie, and her swim skills developed quickly under his instruction. Previously, in the winter term, she took private lessons with Ella at St. Patrick pool and completely loved her lessons with Ella as well, and her swimming skills sped forward under Ella's instruction. So these lessons have worked very well for Eva this year and we're very satisfied.

Best regards"

- Miriam

"Also I just wanted to express my gratitude for the teaching they received. Ella and James have been incredible. We’ve been so impressed by them and our kids love them. 

Thanks again"

- Marty

  "I wanted to let you know my children really enjoyed swimming at the George Harvey pool Coach Cherokee and Coach Aidan are amazing instructors. I like how they both model how to do things. Aidan really makes swimming fun . I like how he incorporates using a ball with my son’s dives and talks with the kids to make them smile. He really helped my son improve. My daughter loves Cherokee and hopes to have her in September. My daughter was struggling with her front crawl breathing and I saw Cherokee make a conscious effort to help her. She’s great with all the children. I also really like Mo, he is the guy who introduces everyone, walks around and I like how he helps out all the different classes with dives, strokes etc. He even knew my kid’s name! He is very nice and respectful. Overall I am very happy with Jack of Sports !!!

- Sharm 

"I would like to follow-up and commend the Administrator who has been at the location on Sundays for the 2p.m. swim class. I believe her name is Dom. I wanted to let your organization know that this young leader is fantastic. She is professional, engaging, does regular checks on how all the classes are going, etc. I’ve also seen her deal very well with situations where a student didn’t want to participate in class and she dealt with the child in a very understanding and kind manner. She was great. Another instructor who deserves recognition is Mary. She is teaching the Level 1/2 class at 2p.m. on Sundays. She is also very patient, engaging and caring with her young students. Kudos to the staff running this program. We look forward to returning.

Thank you"


"I just wanted to let you know that both Catherine as the pool admin person and Shea as my daughter's swim instructor were beyond wonderful. We had a great swim session with them, and we're hoping they'd return in July/August at Bishop Marrocco. I would especially like to request Shea to teach my daughter level 10, as they seem to have a great working relationship. My daughter has come a long way this past session, and appreciated Shea's encouragement and direction. Thanks again for another great swimming session."

- Faria

2019 Winter Swim Program

"We have been with Jack of Sports for about 3 years. Cannot stop raving about them. Kids learned to bike through one of their summer camps. They have moved from level 2 and 4 in swimming to 7 and 9. The pluses I find is there is no need to be up at 7am trying to get into a city program, I can register all the kids at the same time, lessons are 1 hour long, and the best part is there are make up classes available should you need to miss a class. They do use City and School board pools so some pools are a little run down but that's not their fault but in the end it serves the purpose of swim lessons. Highly recommend them."

- Susanne R.

"Good afternoon….
We would like to send a special Thank you note to recognize Serafim’s coaching skills. We have seen Sasha’s swimming skills advance tremendously! Also big thank you to Stefan who continues providing great support to my child!

Thanks for the fantastic program and for the wonderful instructors! Our family appreciate all that you do."

- Alex and Natasha

2018 Fall Swim Program

"I just wanted to send along my thanks to two swim instructors. Catherine taught my daughter last term at Fern Avenue (6:00 on Mondays). She was cheerful, energetic and funny and my daughter really enjoyed her as an instructor. My son had Seraphin in the same time slot. He worked my son hard - which was exactly what he needed - and did it with an upbeat attitude and good energy.

Thanks for a good swim session, and see you in January"
- Jaimie


"Good afternoon,

My name is Sachin and my daughter is currently enrolled in Level 1 Group Lessons with Kyli Jenkins at the Keele Pool.

I just wanted to send a note saying how pleased we were with Kyli's instruction this session for my daughter's group lessons in swimming Level 1. Kyli's enthusiasm, attention, and positive reinforcement helped my daughter make great strides in her confidence and ability with swimming this year. We hope that Kyli is recognized by the organization for her amazing instruction and we hope that she can be my daughter's instructor in future sessions. She has truly been instrumental to my daughters 'connecting' with swimming and, for the first time, is always excited to come to lessons and trying out new skills.

Thank you so much to Kyli and Jack of Sports, and have a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to continuing with swimming with JoS next session!"

- Sachin

"To The Jack of Sports Team,

I am thankful for your swim staff right across the pool from admin staff to swim instructors to you reading this email. You all make a difference.

Your staff is what it takes to run and continue to run a positive connective successful and willing teaching environment. I am grateful for the training support and effective feedback you give to your staff to ignite the belief in the swimmer.

Whatever your doing in the back of the house is showing in the front. Consistent commitment through remaining positive and willing. Please share this email with your swim staff. They need to know they are doing awesome and their swim students are developing skills for life not just swimming because someone believes in their worth.

Thank you kindly"

- Caroline

"Hi there, 

Just wanted to drop a line and say how GREAT the staff is at Humberside on Friday nights this session. They’re just excellent. Our kids’ teachers (Julia and Jamie) are fantastic, and the administrator, Peter, is very organized and has a wonderful rapport with parents and staff.

We notice the other instructors and lifeguard are doing a great job as well. Even the assistants are top notch.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on our thoughts.

Thanks so much,"

John G

2018 Summer Camps

"Larry & Team - Thanks for a wonderful Jack of Sports experience last week! Our son really enjoyed his multi-sport camp at Runnymede.  We've seen him display increased confidence & skill in his soccer, bike riding & especially in the pool as a result. He was wiped out at the end of each day too, with naps becoming part of the daily routine. We look forward to another Jack of Sports experience in the future."

Thanks again,

2018 Swim Seasons

"Our son, just completed his first Jack of Sports swimming course (Level 1 on Sunday mornings at Bishop Morocco). Although [our son] is five, he has been very hesitant to do swimming lessons because of negative experiences he's had elsewhere. We somehow managed to get him to agree to try Jack of Sports, and we are so happy with the results. Although I had to be in the water with him for the first few lessons, and he'll be repeating Level 1, he has made huge progress. We are very happy and are continuing with lessons in the summer and fall.

A big part of this, and the reason I am writing, is that he had a wonderful instructor in Edgar. Edgar was extremely patient and kind to [our son], and took lots of time to try to gain his confidence so that by mid-way through the session, Jacob was in the water on his own. Edgar also made the class the perfect combination of fun and learning, which was key in getting [our son] to want to come back week after week. We could tell that Edgar was personally invested in my son's progress almost as much as we were, because he always celebrated all of his achievements, even if they were just small ones. We really, really appreciated his care, dedication and patience. Jacob is excited to continue his swimming with some more Level 1 in the summer, and likely more Level 1 the fall.

We would not hesitate to recommend JofS to anyone else, based on our experience, and would love it if Edgar was his instructor again in the fall (I know this is not ever a certainty). Please pass along our comments and appreciation to whomever is in charge of staffing. Edgar is great!"

- Much thanks,
Carola and Jason


"***In other news, we just wanted to point out that we ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVED ETHAN O'REILLY!!!  He was so great with our little girl Cassie, and the other girls in the class.  He was gentle and playful, and yet he still had an excellent handle on the class.  As a teacher, I'd like to say that his "class management skills" were fantastic!  The girls loved playing with him and kept them engaged for the full hour.  It was a joy to watch every week - so much so that my husband and I would make the extra effort to BOTH be at the lessons to watch.  Please help us pass on our thanks to Ethan!  He's made a big fish out of a little girl!"

Sara & Craig


"Hi Susan

I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to you and Larry and everyone at Jack of Sports for your extremely generous donation to the Williamson road school Junefest (fun fair) silent auction. As expected, the multisport summer camp as well as the learn to bike camp, were hotly contested items.

Thanks again!"

- Janet


"Hello Diane, Steven and Larry,

Larry, as discussed, I wanted to take a moment to say how pleased we are with Mahad and how he’s interacting with our son (and the other kids in his group). Mahad seems to have a natural way of dealing with children. Specifically, he talks softly with our son, encourages him and praises him afterwards. He frequently looks at us as well to ensure we are seeing the progress being made with our son. Mahad also has a great smile and clearly enjoys being an instructor at JOS and interacting with the kids. Typically for us, we have to beg our child to go to swim class (although once there, he loves it), but last night, he was actually excited about going to swim class and even told us how he loved going to swim and loved his teacher.

I did mention to Mahad how pleased I was with his approach with my son but I wanted to make sure that JOS Management was also aware.

Have a great day."

- David


"Hello Larry,

I've been meaning to write to you about your excellent staff. Last session, Gordon who was supervisor at the Winona pool at 11am on Saturdays was so helpful and supportive. He really went above and beyond to ensure that my son was in the correct class and addressed my concerns promptly and was very personable."

- Christine

"Hi there!

I am a bit late writing this email but still wished to convey how AMAZING our instructor, Elizabeth, was at Winona last term. 
Elizabeth was such an excellent teacher for my son.  She was so friendly, positive and inspired great confidence in him. 

Thank you & we hope to be so lucky to have Elizabeth again one day."

-  Kathleen 


"Larry & all of the coaches at today's meet.

A huge shout out of thanks to all of you for organizing and facilitating such a fun day.  My son competed in the Division One group this morning.  This was his first swim meet and it was such a fun and positive experience.

My son is a product of your program.  He has been swimming with Jack of Sports for several years.  He completed levels 1 to 10 at Keele Pool and he earned his Bronze Star two years ago at Western Tech.  At the age of 12, he is in a holding pattern, just waiting to be old enough to take his Bronze Med, Bronze Cross, and NLS and work for Jack of Sports. 😉  This winter I encouraged him to join your race club to focus on his strokes and endurance.  He had such a fantastic experience he is considering racing for the next few years.

Many thanks for all of your coaching, energy, and organization.  Jack of Sports has been a fantastic program for both of my kids.

Thanks for all you do!"

- Kelley


"Hi Larry,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are that our kids are now swimming with your company.  They went from dreading swimming to loving it and it being their favourite activity.  The 55 minute lesson length is great and the kids have it really well organized. Our girls are also so happy to be swimming at Central Tech bc they can touch the bottom of the shallow end, which was very important to help with their confidence.

I’m also happy with the amount of communications you provide us. Thanks for keeping us properly informed. We’re already signed up for spring and we’re excited that our girls are excited about that. 

Thank you!"




On Monday night at deer park school we had a supply teacher in for [our son's] lesson. Her name was Daria. I was very, very impressed by her patience and organization with the small kids ([our son] is just 3.5). He also LOVED her! He keeps talking about how 'Daria is an excellent excellent teacher. She's a really nice teacher.' He was impressed and can sometimes take time to warm up to people. These comments were easily offered by him, I didn't ask if he liked her or not.".




"I wanted to write and thank you for the 'value added' with the efforts Jack of Sports made to accommodate my children's lessons and the extra information provided (for example in the attached email). You are doing an excellent job of keeping parents informed, which if very appreciated.

I also find the teaching extremely effective. My children are improving every lesson - this is wonderful to see! Their teachers are a perfect balance of 'no-nonsense training' and personable encouragement and instruction --- a very impressive group. 

I continue to recommend your program to friends and colleagues."

- Meghan

"Hi there,

I just wanted to provide some feedback on an instructor that my daughter had last session. And in fact she’s lucky to have him again this session!

Derrick is the instructor and just wanted you to know how impressed we (and other parents) have been with him. He really does a fantastic job at being firm with the kids when he needs to be – but still keeping a fun environment.  He is so engaged with the kids and really takes the time with each of them individually. He provides the kids with really good and constant feedback which is great.

Anyways – he really is such a fantastic instructor – we just wanted to pass this on.

And the kids LOVE him too"



2017 Swim Season

"Hello Larry Tobin,

These lessons have been wonderful, and we have eagerly registered for the Winter Session. I wanted to thank you for a make-up lesson we had on Sunday. First, the fact that you offer these is absolutely amazing – nobody does that!! And second, my granddaughter is an anxious child and was quite concerned about going to a lesson with a teacher and kids she didn’t know. Your instructor made her feel comfortable right away and she swam with confidence and a big smile on her face. Please pass on my thanks to Jonah."

- Joan

"Hello, My son just completed Level 3 and will be starting Level 4 in January. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our instructor Ethan. He was fantastic. I really appreciated how he was able to keep control of the class and how he had one on one time/instruction with each child. He always gave Sacha productive feedback and tips on how to improve his skills. We both appreciated his firm yet very caring style of teaching. I would like to take this time to request (if at all possible) that Sacha be in his class this next term. I am aware of the logistics, but would be so appreciative if you could keep it in mind when assigning Level 4 classes. Thanks very much, it was our best semester yet!"

- Lisi

"Hi Larry

I just wanted to send an email to tell you how happy we’ve been with Jeggs. My son started his lessons so petrified each week he almost threw up and would cling to me in the water. Now I’m on the sidelines and he’s basically doing cannonballs! Jeggs is great with the kids. Laid back and kind but pushes them to get better!

A great hire by Jack of Sports!"

- Sarah

"My three kids started taking lessons with Jack of Sports this fall and we’ve been very happy with your program. The teachers are focused on skills development and they keep the kids active and engaged. My youngest had trouble adjusting to the new lessons and her teacher (and the lifeguard) were thoughtful about giving her some extra attention, and she’s settled in happily now. We greatly appreciate that all three can have lessons at the same time, and we like that the lessons are an hour in length.

We will be returning to your program and have been recommending it to others. Thanks."

- Mary

"Hi Sara,

I just wanted to circle back with you on my note below. We just finished up the season with Jonah and I must say he was amazing. Whatever coaching or advice he was given in regards to my note definitely did the trick. I know all too often you are contacted with problems and issues but I really wanted to send a note and let you know what an amazing instructor he became and I am sure he will continue to become!

All the best,"

- Shannon

2016 Swim Season

"Hi Larry

This was our first time in jack of sports swim program with our boys (age 5 and 8).  (We've done two camps with our older son). I just wanted to tell you that it's probably the best run program we have done In the city!  From the the program setup, the quality of group instruction to the communication we've received on what is going on week to week.  It's an exceptional program and great value.

We are thrilled it was suggested to us and expect to continue in another session with you. We are a skiing family so do not do swimming through the winter usually as it's too busy but we will be back and we will spread the word.

Thank you so much for really thinking about what the kids need to succeed and what the parents need to know week to week. It's obvious you have taken the time to set things up really well. Much appreciated."

- Shannon & Fred

"Max has brought out the best in our daughter, challenged her, provided a high energy and engaging environment. She has made more progress this fall in swimming than she has done in years of city programs. Max is fantastic with the class and I can see he knows each one and provides the right challenge and support. Thank you Max!

Anneke was exactly what our youngest daughter needed to have her break through her fears. She is patient, kind, and very warm. I have never had my daughter tell me she loves swimming before. I can't believe the progress she has made this fall, thank you Anneke, well done!

If this is any indication of the quality of coaching and staff you have at Jack of Sports we will be coming back as long as we can and recommending Jack of Sports to everyone we know.  We are so happy we made the change to Jack  of Sports."

- Steven

"Hi Sara,

I am sitting at my younger kids class at Humberside pool and I just wanted to send an email regarding Diana and Nester.

They have both gone above and beyond multiple times to make my daughter Abigail feel comfortable in class. Nester had been so thoughtful to her being terrified to get in the water - I recognize this is part of their job but I'm sure he didn't expect to have to be doing it this far into the session.

Diana sits with her and encourages her to get in the water- she is incredibly reassuring and Abby is her #1 fan."

- Sylvia

"Hi Larry and Sarah,

Thank you both for being so accommodating with my family. You guys provide excellent flexibility and customer service and it is well and truly noticed by me and our family friends who also have kids at Jack of Sports."

- Aaron

"My daughter Madeleine was born with a disability called low muscle tone and has struggled with sports.  She started swimming with Jack of Sports 3 years ago and despite her many fears got more into swimming with their encouragement. This year she was accepted to the Toronto Swim Club.  I owe her new love of swimming and her swimming improvement all to Jack of Sports!"

- Christine

"I just wanted to tell you what a positive experience we had with the swim lesson. Dharsha is an amazing teacher and our children really learned a lot from her. We, as parents, also learned some good skills to help encourage our children to swim. I found the program to be organized and fun and I have recommended it to friends. The best part was seeing huge progress in both of my children during the session- not only in their skills but in their confidence and enjoyment of just being in the water." 

- Emily 

"Hi Larry,

Just wanted to send a quick note as we are just finishing our first swim session with you guys. We have been on Wednesday 5:30 at Earl Grey. We just wanted to let you know that we have been so impressed with the program. The instructors we've had are wonderful (Jegs and Stephen). And the girl who is there coordinating is also amazing and always very helpful. Anyways we are totally hooked...just wanted to let you know that we have been very impressed and will now also test out the summer programs!"


"Theo enjoyed his first swim class very much and I think those swim buoys are terrific.  You guys run a fantastic program.  It was highly recommend by many of our neighbours with kids and I can see why."

2015 Swim Season and prior

- Beatrice 

"Hi Larry -I just wanted to say thank you again for running an outstanding program in Toronto. My two boys attend the saturday morning, 9 am session at Keele pool and every week I am so impressed with the quality of instruction and professionalism of the instructors. Both Charlie and Thomas really enjoyed their instructors. They are unfortunately unable to make the last class as they have a conflict that just arose on the same morning .Could you please pass on a Big Thank You to their instructors - I was really hoping to have a card for both of them. We will return in the winter of 2016 and in the meantime spend plenty of time swimming over the next few months in pool and lake!



"Hi Larry,
I would like to extend a big thank you to you and all of the JofS coaches!! Luca had a great time and we defiitely noticed some skill development over the two weeks that he attended camp.
A special thank ou to Joana! She was wonderful. Always ready to help, a lot of leadership, and great talent with kids. She helped create a safe environment for all the kids (Luca had a couple of difficult moments and she handled them with professionalism, fairness and kindness).
Thank you again."
"Hello again and thank you for the information. I also just wanted to mention that last week my son was in your camp, and he had Julia as a coach. Julia was outstanding, and did a phenomenal job throughout the week. She was fun, but also firm when she needed to be, as I know she had a tough group of kids last week! She gave me updates at the end of the day and my son Linden really enjoyed himself - so much so, that he wishes he could have done a second week..."


"Thank you for the wonderful camp experience my daughter Eve had last week. I must commend the staff you have working for you. They were always open to talking to me and answered any questions and concerns I had in an interested and mature manner. 

Eve learned some new skills and had fun developing familiar ones. She was eager to go each day...We will continue to enroll in Jack of Sports activities including swimming lessons which we LOVE!

Thank you!"



This message is for Larry.

I'm writing to let you know how pleased we are with the instruction we're getting at Jack of Sports. My son attends class at 10:00am on Sunday at Winona with Nicola. Nicola has been an excellent instructor. She is friendly, skilled and attentive. Thanks to her, our son has progressed tremendously in 3 classes...


-Lisa and Joseph

"Hi Larry,

My daughters have been taking swimming lessons at Jack of Sports for a year now. Not only are the venues very convenient but the costs are significantly less than we have paid elsewhere. The classes are small, and the girls have both excelled at swimming like never before. I have been delighted with our experience at Jack of Sports and would highly recommend it to anyone."

- Susi

"Hello Larry "Jack",

First, I must say I love your energy! It's something to be admired.
Also I have to tell you that my three children are enjoying their swim class. There is no complaining when at 9 30am on a Sunday we have to start preparing for our 10am class. So for that I thank you.We look forward to next weeks swim lesson.
Hope you have a wonderful week.


- Christine

"Hi Larry,

I wanted to begin by first saying that your team of instructors are fantastic! My sons are really enjoying themselves and picking up many skills."

- Laura

"Dear Larry,

Happy New Year!
We are enjoying our lessons and are very pleased with our instructors, Ann and Laura.

thank you,"

- Valerie

"Hi Larry,

The lessons are wonderful and as I mentioned last week Gordon is a great teacher and Hugh really likes his class. Hugh has made great progress the last two sessions with you. We will be back in the Spring. After spending 30 minutes trying to log onto the city of Toronto registration system this morning I realized how fortunate we are to avoid that and get quality lessons from you.

Have a happy new year,"

- Robin


"Hi Larry,  

We're all signed up and ready to go for the next session! Owen and Maeve are really enjoying their classes.  A big thank you to you and your instructors.


- Susan


"Hi Larry, 

I would like to commend your young staff on their professional and accommodating manner. They were great with my kids last week when we just showed up. Sam gave them a bit of trouble but they were patient and reassuring. We will go one more time tomorrow if that is OK, and we will sign-up for the next session at Fern.

Thanks again Larry."

- Colleen & Ed


"Hi Larry,

Simon attended the class on Sunday. He loved it. I registered him today through your website and paid for the session.

Thanks again!"

- Karen


"Hi Jack of Sports Team,
My children truly enjoy attending your classes. They took the make up class yesterday and have been telling me what a fun time they had. They said ..Jack is sooo funny..and they can't wait until Saturday ! I am really happy with your swimming program. It is organized,professional and as much fun to watch as it for the kids to take part..I will definitely recommend your program to others. Please reserve two spots in the fall Sunday session from 10 to 11 am for my two children. Thanks!" 

- Sandra