Recreational Lesson Descriptions

Learn to Bike Lessons

  • 4 week course - 2.5 hrs on Saturdays or Sundays  
  • 3 Step Process to teach child how to bike ride
  • Balance Bikes provided by Jack of Sports
  • Children will bring a bike without training wheels, helmet, water bottle and snack 
  • Learn Road Safety and Bike Maintenance 
  • Bike excursions with Coach supervision

Art Lessons 

  • Through levels 1 to 10 children are able to explore a variety of crafts, drawing, painting, and print making while they discover art tools, materials and techniques. Our goal is to generate an engaging experience where their creativity is encouraged and their imaginations are inspired. Using open-ended projects, children will able to develop a sense of creative empowerment and their own visual ideas.
  • Levels 1 & 2 (age 3 – 6) focuses on developing creativity, fine motor skills & introducing kids to the basics of craft making: gluing, cutting, painting, drawing & colouring!!!  Moving forward through our levels 3 to 10 (age 5-14) children will be introduced to the elements and principles of art while gaining a solid foundation as young artists.

Please see below for Spring 2018 Schedule

Piano & Guitar Lessons

  • Music lessons at Jack of Sports will allow students from ages 5 or older to learn the basics of piano & guitar, and grow those fundamentals while playing in a group environment. Skills such as chord progressions, scales, and  reading music, and ensemble work will be taught by experienced, upbeat, enthusiastic coaches with a love of music using familiar popular songs and fun cooperative games. No musical experience is required!

Group Lessons

  • Each lesson is 1 hour long to maximize learning
  • Emphasis on teaching proper technique, skill development and positive reinforcement
  • Class ratios are 1:6 to 1:8 depending on ages and levels.
  • Siblings can participate at the same hour and placed in group based on level & age
  • Class composition may be split levels to accommodate for the multiple levels registered each hour
  • Group Lesson $19 / hour + tax 
  • Must enroll for full recreation session

Private Lessons

  • Enjoy the benefits of 1 on 1 instruction
  • 1 hour lessons to maximize learning
  • Private Lesson $75/ hour + tax 
  • Must enroll for the full recreation session

Semi-Private Lessons

  • 2 kids or adults to 1 instructor
  • Family needs to provide 2 children or adults for Semi Private lessons
  • 1 hour lessons to maximize learning
  • Both kids or adults can be taught together for 1 hour or lesson can be divided into 30 minutes per child/adult
  • Semi Private (2 children/adults) $90/ hour ($45 per child/adult) + tax
  • Must enroll for the full recreation session