Jack of Sports Delivers An Experience

High Quality, Affordable Swim Lessons

Jack of Sports provides a unique lesson template where specific Red Cross Skills and Jack of Sports drills are taught and practiced during this one hour lesson. From the start of each lesson, " Welcome to Jack of Sports Instructors Lets Swim " to the creative Small Games at the end, the kids experience a high tempo swim lesson that challenges them within the confines of their ability and allows them to enjoy a swimming experience. The parents leave satisfied that they are receiving excellent value for their money with their child excited about returning to the program. Jack of Sports prices the Swim Sessions slightly above City Programs and significantly below Private Swim Programs. No family is turned away for financial reasons at Jack of Sports.

One Hour Swim Lessons

All swim lessons are 1 hour long at Jack of Sports. Whether you enroll in a P&T Class, or  Level 1-10 all kids are in the pool for the same amount of time. This allows the child sufficient time to develop their skills, confidence and a love for the water. The 1 hour lesson is broken into four 15 minute stations: Warm Up, Red Cross Skills, Endurance & Small Games. This lesson template provides a creative, high tempo and enjoyable structure for both the child and instructor. Kids are never bored but are consistently challenged and motivated to succeed to the best of their abilities.

Siblings Swim During Same Hour

Jack of Sports understands the crazy schedules of parenting. As such the lessons are structured so all siblings swim during the same hour. This benefit allows parents to be at the pool one time for 1 hour verses having to drive back and forth several times in order for each child to participate in a lesson. The siblings are placed in different groups according to their age and swim levels. Each group uses a different part of the pool which allows Jack of Sports the ability to have brothers and sisters swim at the same time.

Combined Swim Levels During the Lesson

For the benefit of convenience and allowing all siblings to swim at the same hour the swim levels in the class may be mixed. If there are enough kids at the same level; between 4 - 6 kids, depending on the swim level, the group will all be the same level. If there are not enough kids for the group a higher or lower level child or children will be placed in the class. Even with a mixed level class, each child will be completing their specific Red Cross skills in order to complete their Red Cross swim requirements. The unique lesson plans allow instructors to handle multiple levels in a class.

Stations, Tempo & Small Games

Jack of Sports structures the lesson by breaking it into stations where specific skills are taught where drills to reinforce these skills are practiced. These stations consist of Warm-Up, Red Cross Skills, Endurance & Small Games. Each station lasts a specific amount of time and creates a structure that is unique for swim lessons. This breakdown allows the lesson to be creative and challenging where kids are consistently working on a variety of skills in a high tempo, enjoyable environment.  

Class Structure

Jack of Sports has approximately 6 groups in the pool during the same hour. Each group is using a different part of the pool which allows all siblings to swim during the same hour. Jack of Sports attempts to ensure that kids at the same level swim together but this depends on the enrollment during the session. Certain groups may have a combination of swim levels. If this is the case the child is still performing their Red Cross level requirements even though they may be swimming with lower or higher level kids in their group. The kids are grouped by swim level and age. The instructors have lesson plans that incorporate the skill requirements of the different levels. They adjust the distance and pace of the skills so each child can meet their swim level requirements.

Report Cards

All report cards are stored online and emailed out to the Parents at the end of each Swim Session. The Report Card history is maintained under the Member Login Section so each family has a history of how their child has progressed with Jack of Sports starting from Parent & Tot up to Red Cross Level 10. The kids receive a badge or medallion upon completing and passing the swim level. It is not uncommon for students to remain in a level for several years if they are unable to complete the Red Cross distance swim or specific skill requirements for their level. The Red Cross swim level progression only allows kids to enroll in the Bronze Medallion/ Cross once they turn 13 years old. So with 10 swim levels, it is not uncommon for kids to pass swim level 10 when they are approaching or in their teens. Please DO NOT EXPECT YOUR CHILD TO PASS A LEVEL EACH SWIM SESSION. This expectation is unrealistic and places unjust pressure on the child. Jack of Sports intention is to create a program where kids love to swim and enjoy being in the water verses focusing on just passing the swim level.

Sister Pools

Jack of Sports will discuss with the parent the possibility of switching to the sister pool if the selected pool, day and time do not have the appropriate amount of kids registered to run the lesson and session. The parent will have the option of switching to an earlier time that day at the same pool; a different day and time at the same location or moving to a different pool.  This sister pool is located within 10 kilometers of the original pool selection and will add a minimum amount of travel time. When transferring to a sister pool, most often the day and time will be maintained as originally desired. An example would be switching from Sunday 11:00 am Winona pool to Sunday 11:00 am Forest Hill pool. The family will be contacted well in advance to prepare them for the potential change of location. The sister pools are:  

  • West End : Fern, Keele, Humberside, Western Technical
  • Central : Deer Park , Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Winona
  • East End: Earl Grey, Monarch Park

Missed Lessons & Refunds

Jack of Sports on a "Best Efforts Basis" will provide make up lessons for the family in order to complete the number of lessons that are paid for in the session. This may require the family to make up the lesson on a different day, time and pool in order to complete the guaranteed number of lessons for the session. Jack of Sports will be as flexible as possible to "Make It Work" for the family. Jack of Sports will not go above the student to instructor ratios for a make up lesson. In certain instances make up lessons can be carried to the next Swim Session if agreed upon by Jack of Sports. There are no financial refunds at Jack of Sports; only credits for future lessons or Swim Sessions. The family is required to pay for the session prior to entering the pool.