Jack of Sports Coach Qualities


Jack of Sports Coach Philosophy


Growth & Progression

Jack of Sports highly values growth. With various part-time opportunities, there is always room for constant progression internally within part-time positions.

Employment at Jack of Sports also offers potential career paths in various fields including Marketing, Operations & more.



As a Jack of Sports Coach, there are several expectations to be maintained.

All coaches are expected to embody the following traits/qualities:

  • Caring Mindset
  • Work Ethic
  • Personality
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional

In addition to the qualities above, working for Jack of Sports means you are also willing to aid in contributing to its surrounding communities.

Jack of Sports Coaches are expected to take part in the Street Team to help promote Jack of Sports programming and contribute to strong customer-relations if deemed necessary.

All coaches are to be knowledgeable of all programs offered at Jack of Sports. As a new applicant, it is important to revise the Jack of Sports website/programs in great detail.


Swim Programs

  • Parent & Tot - Level 10 Swim Lessons
  • Racing Club (intro. to racing)
  • Bronze Course (Star, Med/Cross)

Click here to learn more about Swim Prog.

Art Programs

  • Art Program levels 1-10 (All Ages)
  • Methodical Art Program
  • Recreational & Camp Programs

Click here to learn more about Art Prog.

Learn to Bike Program

  • Learn to Bike levels 1-10
  • Jack of Sports 2 in 1 bikes
  • Recreational & Camp Programs

 Click here to learn more about Learn to Bike

Music (Guitar & Piano) Programs

  • Guitar & Piano Lessons levels 1-10
  • Structured Group & Semi-Pvt/Pvt Lessons
  • Recreational & Camp Programs

 Click here to learn more about Music Prog.