Virtual Science Program for children at home


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Parent & Program Requirements:

  • Required items: Laptop, Desktop or Tablet w/ Webcam & Microphone (w/ internet)
  • Parents may be asked to assist w/ activity setup, bathroom breaks, snacks & technical issues if they arise
  • Snack prepared for the 15minute Social Snack break
  • Child must have adequate space for the Physical Activity portion of class (recommended 5x5 area)
  • Water Bottle for Physical Activity


Typical Interactive Virtual Science Program Schedule:

*Activities may be adjusted based on age

Time Activity Description  
15 minutes Icebreaker/Coop Games Help the children become acquainted with each other  
45 minutes Science Program Science Program (view description at top of page)  
15 minutes Social Snack Coach will facilitate discussion/socialization among children  
45 minutes Physical Activity Daily physical activity to keep kids active & burning energy!  

*Please email all special requests (i.e. requests to be with a friend) one week prior to the session start


Science Materials Needed:

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