Swim Pak Description

P&T, Toddler & Level 1 Swimmers

Jack of Sports has recently developed the Swim Pak product that will be used for all Toddlers, Parent & Tot, and Level 1 Swimmers. The Swim Pak is designed with a 3-Step Milestone Methodology, which will allow the swimmer to swim 5-7m unassisted & pass Level 1 once each of these 3 Milestones are achieved.


Milestone 1 (3 Pieces)

Milestone 2 (2 Pieces)

Milestone 3 (1 Piece)

Milestones 1-3 Purpose:
Swimmers are required to complete the 5 Milestone Skill Requirements as per below prior to removing each piece of the Swim Pak. Each time a piece is removed, this skill progression becomes more challenging for the swimmer as there is less buoyancy, and their body position becomes more parallel to the water. Upon completion of Milestone 3, the goal is a 5-7m unassisted swim & completion of Level 1. 


Milestone Skill Requirements:

1. 20m front swim x 3 continuously
2. Flutter kick must have straight legs, knees together, toes pointed & continuous flutter kicking
3. Scooping technique must have fingers together, full arm extension, pull back to chin & continuous scooping
4. Chin on the surface of the water
5. Bum must be on the surface