The Learn to Bike Referral Program will allow Learn to Bike Registrants to receive Credits towards any future registration.

Everyone registered for the Learn to Bike Weekend Programs will receive a personalized code. This code may be shared with anyone, but may only be used towards Learn to Bike Weekend Program registrations.

When the discount code is used, the user registering will receive $15 off their Learn to Bike Weekend Program registration.

The user sharing the discount code will receive a $15 credit towards their account each time their code is used.


  • Code 'LTBKateSmith' was used 6 times
    • Kate Smith receives credit of $90 (6*$15) towards any future registration.


  • Must be registered for the Learn to Bike Weekend Program
  • Both parties must have paid full balance of registration on receipt


1) On the 2nd week of your Learn to Bike session, you will be assigned a personalized code:

  • Your code will be 'LTBFirstnameLastname'
    • i.e.: Kate Smith's code is 'LTBKateSmith'

2) You may share this code with Friends/Family

3) Whenever code is used to register for the Learn to Bike Weekend Program, the user will receive a $15 discount

  • Please ensure code is user uses code PRIOR to registration, or your $15 registration referral credit will not be granted

*See below for a picture of where the discount codes are to be entered:

How do I redeem my credits?

In order to redeem your credits for a future registration, please follow steps below:

  1. Contact office at HERE to inquire about total credits received
  2. Register for your desired program and pay 50% of the total
  3. Once 50% of the total has been paid, contact the office HERE and request to have credits applied to registration

Once office adjusts receipt to show Discounted total, you may log on to pay the remainder of the invoice if necessary.



See below for a list of guidelines/rules applicable to this promotion:

  • Jack of Sports Credits are not redeemable as Cash
  • Personalized code must only be used for Learn to Bike Program Weekend Program Registrations
  • Credits are only applicable to future registrations (you may not request a credit/cash refund on a registration that has already been paid for)
  • Registration Referral Credits may be applied ONLY when your personalized code has been used by friend/family to register
  • Registration Referral Credits are only paid out when User who was referred has paid the FULL balance required
  • If User who was referred decides to cancel/refund their registration there will be a $15 penalty in addition to the $15 cancellation fee to accommodate for the Registration Referral credit.