16" Jack of Sports Kaizen Balance Bike


A lightweight Alloy Balance Bike easy to carry and transport, with an adjustable seat height appropriate for children ages, 5yrs to 8yrs.

Our lightweight Alloy Balance Bikes are easy to maneuver to help children practice motor planning (learning how to turn corners), understand spatial awareness (learning how to avoid obstacles), and activates the vestibular system (learning how to balance and move). These learned skills are the foundation of riding a two-wheel bicycle.

Following Jack of Sports' 3 step teaching methodology beginning with a Balance Bike, children will learn to bike in no time.

$120 + HST (free shipping)



Techs & Specs Description
Frame Material Alloy
Colour 16 inch Blue on Yellow
Inseam 22" - 25"
Weight 15lbs (7kg)
Quick Release Seat post quick release
Wheels & Handlebars Steel
Tires Rubber, 2.125

What is the right size for my child?

For children ages 5yrs to 8yrs

Height: 4'0" to 4'5"

In-seam length: 22" to 25"

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Purchase your Balance Bike with ease of mind. If the Balance Bike does not fit your child, return your Balance Bike (and pay shipping) for a full refund on your payment.

$120 + HST (free shipping)


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